Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know


BetKing is a sports betting company in Lagos, offering online services nationwide and agency services in Nigeria. Among the offerings of the company’s services are sports betting, not restricted to football, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball and more, customized state-of-the-art virtual games including the exclusive Kings’ League and Colour-Colour.

BetKing also offers agency opportunities for individuals who will come to be called Kingmakers once they sign up to deliver offline betting services to customers.Although comparisons cant be made between Bet9ja, but betking promises to takeover the Nigerian sport betting marketing sooner or later.

BetKing is a product of SV Gaming. BetKing is currently licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board, Anambra State Gaming Company and holds a sports and gaming license issued by the Osun State Government. In addition, BetKing is licensed by the National Lotteries Board.

Betking understand that sports betting is driven by love for the games and a passion to make a change. For BetKing, Betking constantly and continually celebrate those who take the stand to change their lives and the lives of those around them, those who stand for what they love and believe in, the prediction kings and the kings at heart.

It is, therefore, Betking profound mission to create an efficient system that enables the quests of Kings and Kingmakers by providing the right technology, radical innovation and uncompromising service to all our customers.

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According to Betking, their mission is to  develop and radically expand the growth of Bluebloods in Nigeria and Africa.

BetKing- The Playground for Kings

BetKing is the registered trading name of SV Gaming Limited. BetKing, the number one sports betting company in Nigeria, is a company that takes bets or stakes and pays winnings depending on the results of the games or sporting events bets were placed on.

BetKing holds the Lagos State Lotteries Board license. As a result, Betking tends to offer a wide range of sporting events ranging from football, basketball, and tennis amongst other professional sports. At BetKing, what you get is the best value, security, and control. Effective and dedicated staff also ensure that customers are given nothing but the best because Betking believe that customers are royalty!

Benefits of choosing BetKing

Some of the benefits of choosing BetKing include;

Ease of use – Betking (both mobile and desktop) are fully optimised to be quick, secure and responsive.

A wide range of Markets – You can get the most magnificent markets on the Playground for Kings including our Triplex Specials, Daily League Specials (goals, yellow cards, corners etc) among others.

Special Offers – These include Betking 100% Welcome Bonus for when you sign up and make your first deposit. 225% Accumulator Bonus for when you make your game selections.

Weekly Raffles & Bonuses – You stand a chance to win free BetKing credit with our weekly raffles like the BetKing Weekend Extra.

Whatever you choose, we can guarantee that you will be on a journey to a Royal Experience with BetKing.

Choose your games. Start playing and start winning!

(Betking Registration)How To Register An Account with Betking

In order to register an account with Betking, the following steps must be followed accordingly;

STEP 1: To register and open an account on BetKing, please go to  

On the homepage displayed, click on the ‘REGISTER’ button on the top right side.

STEP 2: Provide all the necessary information including your name, email address, mobile number, and password. Click the ‘confirm’ button to confirm all the information you have provided and submit.

STEP 3: After the registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation message on the screen. You will also receive a confirmation mail to the email address provided. Click the link to confirm your email address.

STEP 4: Please enter your username and password to log into your account. You are now royalty and ready to start playing like the king that you are. May you play long!

How To Place A Bet with Betking

HERE IS HOW TO PLACE A BET WITH BETKING-You can place a bet by following the simple steps below;

First, log in to your account with your username and password.

Step 1: Select your sport of choice from the menu on the left side of the homepage. (Soccer, for instance)

Step 2: Select tournament of your choice and click ‘Proceed’

Step 3: Choose the markets you wish to play and select the odds by clicking on them. Your selections will automatically be added to your betting slip on the right side of the page.

Step 4: Select the amount you wish to stake. Click on ‘Proceed’

Step 5: A confirmation message will pop up on your screen. Click on ‘Confirm’

A message will be displayed to show that your bet has been successfully placed.

Betking shop and Mobile apps

Betking has several shops both offline and online for users to easily book their bets and get rewarded for their passion.Once you’ve registered and your account is fully activated, the next thing is to deposit some funds into your online account.

How To Deposit

You can make deposits into your BetKing account through any of the following payment gateways:

Interswitch WebPay

1. Enter the Amount you wish to Deposit

2. You will be redirected to the Web Pay Page

3. Enter you card Details and Click on Pay

4. Follow the Instructions (Enter your OTP)

5. When complete your account will be credited immediately

Fees: None

Min Deposit: N50

Maximum Deposit: N1,000,000


QuickTeller Web

1. Log on to and search for BetKing or use this link –

2. Enter your User ID (This is your 6 Digit User ID)

3. Enter your Email Address and Mobile Number

4. The System will return your information

5. Make sure all the details are correct

6. Update the required card details and click on PAY

7. A payment receipt will be displayed

8. An email notification will be sent to your email address

9. Your account will be credited immediately

Fees: N100

Min Deposit: N100


Paydirect Bank Branch

If you feel like using the good old-fashion branch deposit, you can simply follow the steps below;

Go to any of the following Banks    

– Zenith

– Keystone

– Heritage Bank

– EcoBank

– Citi Bank

– Access Bank

– Wema Bank

– Unity Bank

– Sterling Bank


– Union

– Stanbic

– Skye Bank



– First Bank

– Fidelity.


1. Fill out a deposit slip

2. Account Number – Leave Blank

3. For the Reference fill out your User ID (This is your 6 Digit User ID)

4. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit

5. Inform the teller you wish to make payment to BetKing via Paydirect

6. Once payment is made make sure you collect payment receipt

7. If successful, your payment will be credited immediately

Fees: None

Min Deposit: N100

Maximum Deposit: N10,000,000



1. Go to

2. Click on payment & Collection as it appears on the left side of the page.

3. Select “Sports and Gaming”

4. Search for “BetKing” and select.

5. Enter your User ID (This is your 6 Digit User ID)

6. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit and click on “Continue”.

7. Confirm the details are correct and “Click Confirm & Continue”

8. You will then be Prompted to Choose How you wish to pay (the account you wish to play with)

If successful your account will be credited immediately

Fees: N 100 

Min Deposit: N100  

Maximum Deposit: N10,000,000



1. Enter the Amount you wish to deposit

2. You will be redirected to GTPay Page

3. Enter your Preferred Payment Method

4. Enter your Email Address

5. Click on Pay

6. If successful, your account will be credited immediately

Fees: N 50

Min Deposit: N100


Banks Instant Deposit (Parents are UBA, Xpath, Skye, GTCollections)

1. Go to Any Zenith, Skye, UBA or GT Bank Branch

2. Fill the Deposit Slip or Cheque / Funds Transfer

3. Account Number (If Required See details below)

4. Fill in your User ID (This is your 6 Digit User ID)

5. Fill in the Amount you wish to Deposit / Transfer

6. The Deposit Slip Must be in Favor of BetKing

7. Take your Deposit Slip to the Teller and Inform them you wish to make a deposit to BetKing

8. You must inform the teller of the channel you wish to deposit through

i. Zenith Xpath Account: BetKing

ii. Skye Collect Account: BetKing

iii. Once the Deposit is Made your account will be credited immediately

iv. UBA Bank Collect Account: Coming Soon

v. GTB Account: Coming Soon

GTB Fees: N 100

Skye Bank Fees: N 50

Zenith Xpath Fees: N100

Min Deposit: N100



eMailMoni allows you to make a deposit from any of your Bank Accounts

EMailMoni App can be downloaded from the following stores: Play Store, Apple Store or visit

1. Open the eMailMoni app or website and Login to your personal account

2. Select Games & Lotteries

3. Click on the BetKing Logo

4. Enter your User ID (This is your 6 Digit User ID)

5. Enter the Amount you want to deposit

6. Verify your Details and Approve the transaction

7. When payment is Successful your account will be funded Immediately

8. Email Confirmation will be sent to you

Fees: N 52.50

Min Deposit: N100

Maximum Deposit: Card Dependent


Zenith Bank Mobile Transfer

1. Log into your Zenith Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking

2. Click on the Menu Button

3. Select Bill Payment

4. Select Category – Gaming / Lottery

5. Select Biller – BetKing

6. Enter the Amount you wish to pay

7. Enter your User ID (This is your 6 Digit User ID)

8. Click on Continue

9. If the payment is successful, your account will be credited immediately

Fees: N 100

Min Deposit: N100

Maximum Deposit: N3,000,000


QuickTeller ATM Deposit

1. Go to Any QuickTeller / Interswitch Enabled ATM

2. Insert your Debit Card and Enter your pin

3. Choose “Pay Bills” or “QuickTeller” Depending on the ATM

4. Select your Account type (Savings or Current depending on your card)

5. Enter the Merchant code 04314801

6. Insert your Customer Reference Number / User ID (This is your 6 Digit User ID)

7. Enter the amount you want to deposit

8. Enter your phone number and click on Proceed

9. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction was successful

Fees: N 100

Min Deposit: N100

Maximum Deposit: N10,000,000

How To Withdraw

Withdrawals via bank transfer are FREE.

Withdrawals through bank transfer would take up to 24 hours after authorization and are only available during official bank work hours. 

To withdraw: 

Step 1: Log on to with your username and password.

Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know

Step 2: Under the user area menu on the left side of the website, click on ‘My Account’

Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know

Step 3: Click on withdrawal and enter your 10-digit Bank Account Number.

Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know

Step 4: Click on the drop-down arrow

Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know

Step 5: Select the appropriate bank name 

Step 6: Input the amount to withdraw

Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know


Step 7: Click on ‘Accept’ to complete the transaction.

Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know


How To Play Virtual King’s League


Auto Sum is the automatic calculation of any value placed on a permutated virtual bet


1. It saves agent/cashier stress of calculating values placed on virtual soccer bet

2. It also saves time and energy

3. Punters can now select more than 10 selections

4. Very easy to understand which brings about total odd for each permutation

5. Punters can easily view minimum & maximum potential winnings


Guidelines / HOW TO USE AUTO SUM


To use Auto Sum, we need to understand what grouping and combination mean.

Grouping: This involves pairing of a selected number of games on a virtual soccer betting ticket based on a customer’s choice. Example, 2 to come or 3 to come from several selections.

Combination: This is the total number of paring we have after grouping must have been done from a number selection on a virtual soccer ticket.

Example, if a punter plays 3 to come out of 6 selections then the total number of combinations that would be generated will be 20 or if a punter plays 2 to come from 4 selections, the total number of combination will be 6.

For Example

Step 1: Select either a single game or more

Step 2: Click on System Bet (2 to come)

Step 3: Place the punter’s desired amount

            Rules of staking

i. Must ensure you multiply #20 with whatever number under Combi

E.g #20 x 15 = #300

Step 4: Click on print

Betking Review-Everything you Need to Know

Minimum Stake: The minimum stake on virtual soccer bet is 100 naira and 20 naira per selection.

For clarity, if there is a bet that has 15 combinations, the minimum stake on this bet will be 20X15= 300 naira.

When a lesser amount than 300 naira is inputted for 15 selections, the error message” stake per combination for system is lower than minimum 20 naira” pops up on the interphase.

In summary, the minimum stake will always depend on the total number combinations after it must have been multiplied by 20 provided it is equal or greater than 100 naira.


Multiple bet on virtual soccer is placed when the total combination from the selected number of games is 1. This is mostly seen at the bottom of the betting selections on the virtual soccer interphase.

For Example: –   Step 1:  Select either a single game or more

Step 2:  Every Last line is a Multiple Bet

Step 3:  Place the punter’s desired amount #100 or more

Step 4:  Click on print

Betking Review-Everything you Need to KnowExample, if a punter has 10 selections on his ticket and grouped it in 10’s, definitely the number of combination on this bet will be 1 which automatically makes it a multiple bet.


Step 1:  Select either a single game or more

Step 2:  Click on Single Bet

Step 3:  Place the punter’s desired amount

Step 4:  Click on print

100% Deposit Bonus with Betking

BetKing now offers the 100% Welcome Bonus on first-time deposits.

It’s simple and easy. You only have to follow 3 easy steps;

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Deposit

Step 3: ACTIVATE your 100% Welcome Bonus.


Here’s how it works;

– The minimum deposit is N100.

– The bonus matches 100% of your first deposit up to NGN 100 000. This means:

  • if you deposit 1,000NGN, you will get another NGN 1,000 bonus.
  • if you deposit NGN 200 000 you will get an additional NGN 100 000.- Once you activate the bonus program, the deposit amount equivalent to your bonus amount will be transferred automatically in the Sportsbook Bonus account.
    In other words:
  • If you deposit NGN 1,000 and activate your bonus, your funds will be transferred to the bonus account totaling NGN 2,000.
  • if you deposit NGN 200,000 and activate your bonus, you will have NGN 100,000 remaining in your real money account and NGN 200,000 in the bonus account.- YOU CANNOT WITHDRAW FUNDS AVAILABLE IN THE BONUS ACCOUNT


    – As soon as you place your first deposit, you will be given the option to activate the bonus from the “Bonus” page in the My Account section. You can opt for the bonus program by clicking the “Activate” bonus button.

    – When activating the bonus program, if your real money balance is less than the amount originally deposited (due to playing or a withdrawal) you will only be given the equivalent of the remaining real balance amount as bonus money (capped at NGN100,000).

    – Once you activate the bonus program, the deposit amount equivalent to your bonus amount will be transferred automatically in the Sportsbook Bonus account/wallet.

    – For the bonus money to be turned into the real/withdrawal amount, you need to stake 4 times the original deposit and potential bonus amount. All the bets need to be settled first.
    This means:
    If you deposit N1000, you need to stake a total of N8,000 using real or bonus money.

  • If you deposit N1000 and activate only N500, you will still be required to stake 4 times N2000 i.e (Original deposit 1000+ potential bonus 1000 = N2000)* 4 = N8000

– Bets must have at least one selection greater than 1.5 and a minimum total odd of 3 and over to be contributing.

The PAUSE BONUS feature is not an avenue for extending the validity period, however this allows you place a bet from your real money account whenever you want.


How Cashout Works on Betking

How to Cash out

Step 1: Log in your BetKing account.

Step 2: Enter your coupon code into the ‘Coupon Check’ bar.

Step 3: Select ‘Cash out’ to cash out and claim your current winnings.


Simply click on ‘My Bets’ or use ‘Bet Search’ to find the ticket and view the cash out value.

Click ‘Proceed’ to cash out.

How Cash-Out Works Offline

1. Give your coupon ID to the Agent in the shop to confirm the value of the cashout.

2. Agent checks using ‘Coupon Check’ or ‘Bet List’

3. After confirming the cash-out value, the cashier clicks ‘Proceed’ to cash out on behalf of the player. Simple!

Kindly note;

1. Cash out may be available any hour of the day

2. Cash out requests have a time delay. During this delay, any price changes, suspension of markets, and any other system errors that are detected may cause the cash out to be rejected.

3. On successful cash out request, the bet is settled and credited immediately. The actual final result of the original bet will have no impact on the cashout amount.


Betking offers reasonable betting/gaming options. With betking, the minimum stake you can place on sports is N100 and virtual is N100, while there is no maximum stake, but it should not exceed the possible winnings on a bet slip. The maximum winnings for any one customer in any one day shall be Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000) in Lagos and Forty Million Naira (N40,000,000) outside of Lagos.

Payout limits apply to each customer or group of customers who play the same or similar selection or combination of selections, even though divided into a series of bets, at different odds and even if carried out on different days or at different locations. If BetKing suspects that one or more bets have been made following this procedure, BetKing reserves the right to withdraw from these contracts considered abnormal and the total payment will be limited to a one-time the maximum payout as above listed. BetKing reserves the right to publish the information of any winner that wins above One Million Naira (1,000,000) on Sports and or Two Hundred Thousand Naira  (N200,000) on Virtual for marketing purposes. BetKing also reserves the right to invite the winner to our offices to take photographs to be used for marketing purposes before payment of the winning.

If winnings are credited to an account for payment in error and are used as stakes, then SV Gaming Ltd. (BetKing) reserves the right to void any transactions involving such funds.

In the event that BetKing does not have an official statement by any official federation authority within 48 hours of the end of the game, we reserve the right to cancel the bet.