5 Amazing NEW Inventions in 2019 | You Must Have in 2019   

5 Amazing NEW Inventions 2019 | You Must Have in 2019

Out of curiosity some time by purpose, mankind has invented numerous things that have not only helped at the moment but deep down into the feature and inspired many other inventions, and the development has been on the increase.

However, if we have to take a look at all of these awesome inventions, Our brains could heat up and blow apart. So, that is why we just want to handpick 5 Amazing new Inventions 2019, You Must Have in 2019.


Awesome Inventions Worth Noting in 2019

1.  OrCam MyMe – AI for Humans


OrCam MyMe – AI for Humans

Orcam myme is an AI new invention. A wearable device that helps you get to know yourself better.877 backers pledged $185,003 to help bring this project to life. The small gadget can be placed on your shirt front pocket to help recognize faces and can tell you in real time who was in front of you.by sending messages to your phone or smartwatch.

Amazing features:

1.  face recognition

2.  adding contact

3.  auto add business card contact

4.  create groups

5.  connect with your online Facebook friends

6.  measure overall screen time

7.  measure your stats.

8.  Create goals

9.  Does not upload to the cloud.

With the above features, you can strike a balance between digital and physical social lives. It helps to keep an account of time you spend in groups, such as you with your friends, family members or at work and the set time for each of these groups. Myme helps you focus better and also have greater control over your life.

2.  Smart Buckle

Smart Buckle

This is a new invention in the field of smartwatches a watch buckle, it can be used with any of your old timepieces, by attaching it to your watch straps turning it totally into a fitness tracker. It is made up of premium stainless steel, shock, water and dust resistance.

The buckle is highly intelligent you can use it to measure motion to calculate steps, velocity, distance, pace, sleep patterns, and calories burned.

Amazing features:

  1. Item weight 4 ounces
  2. Batteries 1 lithium metal batteries included.
  3. Dimensions 3 by 0.9 by 0.6

3. Snore Circle

Snore Circle

Snoring is something that is disturbing a lot of people today and besides being a key annoyance, and is caused due to limited airflow in the throat and can develop into many other diseases. So, if you really want to break through such habit then Snore Circle is a great gadget for you.

However, the gadget Stop Snoring naturally and instantly, with the help of bone and audio conduction it can sense when you are snoring and in effect sends micro signals to the brain to reduce and completely get rid of snoring.

This is actually a gadget of pride. Apart from helping you get rid of snoring the app will monitor the quality of your sleep and enhance it.

4. NANO1 – World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera

NANO1 – World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera

NANO1 is the perfect invention for passionate stargazers who not only like to be awestruck by looking at the wonders of the sky but also want to capture these with their cameras. The inventors of NANO1 bill it as the smallest astronomy camera in the world which can capture 25 times more light than the human eye and condense an hour-long recording into 3 minutes for a charming view of the sky as well as other phenomena like the Northern Lights. You can connect NANO1 with your smartphone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and view an augmented reality map of constellations to appreciate the beauty of the sky.

5. SiB – The Simple Internet-Connected Button that is only $5

SiB – The Simple Internet-Connected Button that is only $5

If one has to condense what SiB does in only a few words, the best explanation would be that it simplifies your life. Short for Simple Internet-Connected Button, SiB is a tiny cube with a programmable button that can be connected with a host of other smart devices and sensors to perform an unimaginable large number of functions. Whether it is to control your smart doorbell, check temperature, detect leakage, monitor the health of plants, or something as simple as texting your loved one, SiB has many ways in which it can amaze you. You can assign many tasks to the cube based on the number of times you press the button.

The cube also comes with multi-colored lights to inform you about the strength of the Wi-Fi signal and the connected smartphones can view a variety of information through SiB.