Economics Examination Questions for Senior Secondary School|SS2 First Term|

Economics Examination Questions for Senior Secondary School|SS2 First Term|

CLASS:         SS2

SUBJECT:     Economics

INSTRUCTION:  Answer all question in section A and any 4 in section B


Chose the appropriate option known

  1. Wholesaler or retailer can be also be known as a ________ (a) Consumer (b) Manufacturer (c) Producer (d) Middleman
  2. Function of the wholesaler include all except ______ (a) Bulk breaking (b) Financing (c) Price stability (d) Hawking
  3. In the chain of distribution of goods, the retailer are the _____ link (a) First (b) Second  (c) Middle  (d) Final-link
  4. One of these is a type of retail trade (a) Producer (b) Distribution (c) Consumer (d) Supermarket
  5. One of these is a problem associated with trade by barter (a) Ease exchange of goods (b time westage (c) Fixed rate of exchange (d) Indivisibility of goods
  6. _______ are various forms of money except (a) Coins (b) Fiat money (c) Commodity money (d) Valuable money
  7. These are characteristic of money except (a) Portability (b) Durability (c) Stability (d) Genuinity
  8. We have _______ types of Business enterprises (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 6
  9. Name the full meaning of (P.H.C.N) in public enterprises
  10. __________ is define as an enterprises set by an individual or group of individuals, government or its own agencies for the main purpose of making profit and providing goods and services for the satisfaction of human wants. (a) Business organization (b) Public enterprises (c) Private enterprises (d) Companies



Answer only (4) question in this part

1a.       Define money

  1. What is trade by barter?

2a.       Define the term Distribution

  1. Draw a diagram of a distribution chain table
  2. Channels of distribution can also be called __________

3a.       What do you know by the term business organization

  1. Explain the types of business organization

4a.       Name the (10) forms of money

  1. Explain (5) on your own
  2. List the functions of money

5a.       Who is a wholesaler

  1. Explain the characteristic of a retailer
  2. Complete the following terms in the topic business organization