You Need To Know About Paystack You Need To Know About Paystack

Here is Everything You Need To Know About Paystack Paystack is a technology company that solves payment issues for ambitious businesses. The mission of Paystact is to help businesses in the whole of Africa to become loved, envied and profitable. Paystack is building technology to help Africa’s best businesses grow from new startups to market leaders. They also makes it very easy for businesses in Nigeria and Africa as a whole to accept secured payments from multiple local and global payment channels. Here is a simple guide on How to buy and sell on amazon.comAmazon is an American multinational technology company that is based in Seattle, Washington State, USA. Just like BBC whose headquarters is in Westminster, London.

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Paystack provides tools to help businesses retain their existing customers, and acquire new ones too. They also help businesses in Nigeria and Africa get paid anyhow, anywhere and everywhere.

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Paystack is the fastest payment processor chosen by some of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.Over 25,000 businesses in Nigeria and Africa love Paystack including Mtn, God is Good Motors, Taxify and Naira Bet. Both registered businesses also called registered and unregistered businesses also called starter businesses are eligible to use Paystack.

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Paystack

  • Allows Businesses To Start Receiving Payments Instantly: Paystack is the fastest and simplest way to start acceptingpayments in Nigeria. From sign up to receiving real payments by users can take only 15 minutes.
  • Delight Customers With A Seamless Payment Experience: Paystack gives your customers the gilt of modern, frictionless and painless payments. This allows your customers to pay you anyhow they want.
  • Simple and Transparent Pricing: Paystack charges a little fee for every successful transaction. They work hard to ensure every transaction is successful.
  • Allow Users To Enjoy Phenomenal Transaction Rate: Paystack automatically route payments through the most optimal channels, ensuring the highest transaction rates in the market.
  • Protects Users And Their Customers With Advance Fraud Detection: Paystack combined automated and manual fraud systems to protect users from fraudulent transactions and associated chargeback claims. When a fraud attempt is discovered with any Paystack merchant, all Paystack merchants become protected from further attempts.
  • Build Customer Payments Experiences With Well Documented APIs: Developers love Paystack for their thorough, well documented APIs that let users build everything from simple weekend projects to complex financial projects serving hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • Allows Users Get Paid From Anywhere in the World: The internet has no borders neither should any business. With Paystack, users can accept payments from international customers anywhere they are in the world.

Requirements For Using

There are requirements for using Paystack as a registered business and starter business. The following are requirements for using Paystack as a registered business

  • A Nigerian business registration document
  • A Nigerian corporate bank account
  • BVN information of anyone affiliated with the business
  • Personal bank accounts allowed for unregistered businesses
  • Evidence of identification that could be a national ID, Driver’s License, and National Voter’s Card, or the information page of your passport.

N.B the business name must match or be the same as the corporate bank account

Ways To Receive Payments With

Paystack provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to allow their customers to make payment the right ways on their website. Entrepreneurs can receive payments with Paystack in the following ways

Pay With Card

Paystack accepts debit and credit cards from everywhere in the world.  Customers local and international can pay with master, visa and verve by simply providing their card details and authorizing the transaction through a two-factor authentication process by providing card pin, password or 3-D secure authentication.

Generate a Link Using API

Paystack API provides an endpoint to generate a payment link that entrepreneurs can share with their customers. There are libraries available for different languages and frameworks which simplifies the use of links. To use this method, one can install the Paystack library for the programming language of his or her server or make http calls directly to the API endpoint.

Mobile SDK

Users can integrate Paystack directly into their Android or IOS app using the mobile SDK by first adding the Paystack library to the app, add the internet permission to your app and create a token.


Paystack gives payment gateway plugin that allows users to receive donation payments on WordPress site using payment form. The payment forms plugin is the most versatile payment plugin. To do this users must create a new form, fill the add payment form field according to their needs. After this, a short code will be generated for the payment form copy and paste it into the WordPress page where you want to receive payment.

In conclusion, to use Paystack for payments for your business, simply log on to Paystack website at, create a Paystack account and activate your business on Paystack by providing the requirements.