Uber App- Everything you need to Know about Uber App

Uber App- Everything you need to Know about Uber App

Uber app–First of all, let us understand what is uber. Uber is a partnership taxi company, that helps people get a reliable taxi from anywhere with the help of a smartphone app.

Do you want to travel or have a function to attain and you need a taxi? All you need is to download the uber app to your phone and request a taxi with just a button.

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Immediately the Uber app will match you to the nearest pre-verified taxi. The app will charge you from the card you use to register in the platform and the driver gets paid directly into his bank on a weekly basis. Also, a fare breakdown email will be sent to you after the ride. Awesome right?Cashless policy.

At this point let me work you through a simple process on how to download the app and the requirements for both drivers and customers.

Uber App

Uber App- Everything you need to Know about Uber App
Uber App- Everything you need to Know about Uber App

Uber app is a ride-sharing app, reliable and trusted. No need going to the park to wait for a taxi or a bus to full.

All you need is just a tap to request a ride and you are good to go. The company is worldwide in more than 500 cities. Download the app and take your first trip today.

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Uber  App for Customers

Requesting your Uber is easy – here’s how it works:

  • Just open the app and choose where you want to go.
  • The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up.
  • You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details and can track their arrival on the map.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, cash (in selected cities only), Apple Pay, PayPal and more.
  • After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email.

Other Available option on the Uber App

Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, the most affordable option for individual traveling.

Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL – you’ll travel with other riders heading in the same direction, and enjoy a lower fare.

Want a more exclusive experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there are even more options – whether you’re traveling with a big group or need a vehicle with accessibility features.

Uber App for Drivers

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There are 3 major ways you can register in uber as a driver.

  1. As a driver Without a car
  2. As a car owner and want to drive for yourself
  3. As a vehicle owner but want to employ someone to drive for you.

However, if you fall under the 2nd and the 3rd a copy of the following document is required:

  • A 2006 or newer car in very good condition, which Uber will require that you bring in for an inspection.
  • Your driver’s license (for ID purposes)
  • Your third-party vehicle insurance certificate
  • Your vehicle inspection clearance papers

To undergo the registration, visit their official website online @ www.uber.com, select your desired category and proceed.

Thereafter, visit www.vault.uber.com and provide your payment details where uber can send your payment every week.

Below is the information you need to have handy while visiting www.vault.uber.com

  • Your name as it appears on the account
  • Your account number
  • Swift code of your bank branch. (If you don’t know your swift code, just ask the next time you’re at the branch)
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Bank code

What if you want someone to drive for you? Visit your uber dashboard and select “Add a Driver”.

How to register a Driver Only

Below are the required items

  • Drivers Licence:  this can be obtained from the FRSC.
  • Lagos state drivers institute ID card: this can be obtained from the Lagos State Drivers Institute.
  • Background check: this is carried out after the driver has been accepted and has completed the training. It costs ₦20,000 but can be paid in 5 installments of ₦4,000 each. It is a check Uber carries out with the police, which demonstrates that you have no criminal convictions or charges against your name, and is for the safety of passengers.
  • If the driver is not the vehicle owner, you will also need a contract agreement between the driver and the owner.

How to register a vehicle only

To register your vehicle only the following item is required:

  • Vehicle Licence
  • Certificate of roadworthiness (You can get this from the FRSC)
  • Tint permit if your windows are tinted.
  • Proof of ownership
  • Comprehensive Insurance. We compared insuring a 2009 Toyota Camry worth N2.9m across 10 Nigerian insurers and we got quotes ranging from N62,500 to N150,000 annually.

See if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities

If you have any challenge downloading the app, do well to contact us through the comment box we will get to you.