Facebook creates new feature to help users relive memories

Facebook creates new feature to help users  relive memories

 Facebook is given its
numerous users and subscribers a chance to recollect and relive memories from
the past. The social media giants who recently  Reveals Improved Guidelines for its Site
has announced that the new feature termed and named “on this day” brings and obtains
posts, pictures, updates and other activities that users have been involved in,
including what they have shared and being tagged in from previous years. Recommended post : Google Newly Updated “On-Body Detection” Smart Lock Mode in Android Seems To Be Hitting Some Devices

There are people who are
particularly not good at remembering events or who may have lost information of
things important to them or have been searching and hoping for a “social dairy”
with all their activities and those of their family and friends available. This
new feature from Facebook may be just what they have been hoping and looking

Facebook appreciates and
realizes that such content and information will be private to individuals and
Facebook has come out to say that when the content is accessed through this new
feature, information  will only be made
for public consumption unless the user wants it that way and is okay with
sharing information with the public, just like Apple  is Expected To Accept Any Old Cell Phones For Recycling
Now while this is a good
new feature, there are people who will say they have seen and experienced this
same feature or something close and quite similar to it and they will not be
wrong. There is a mobile app available called Timehop which has similar
 Timehop is a very popular mobile site that
also builds up data of users that comprises posts from the past from the social
media. Timehop mobile takes posts from years ago from various social media
avenues. Posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are compiled and
stored for the benefit of its users to able to look back at the past and be
able to look through years of their past events and see how their lives have
It should be noted that
this is something Facebook  has tried and
done in the past with its feature ‘year in review’ but this present feature is
a more extensive and robust feature.
Speaking to
Techcrunch, about the new feature of Facebook and how it compares to the
feature of Timehop, product manager of “on this day” Jonathan Gheller
we look at what people do at Facebook.
“I don’t spend too much time looking at what
other people are doing or not doing. I think that you just focus on doing
things people want, and doing them as best you can.”
Also the CEO of Timehop Jonathan Wegener when asked about
the new feature of Facebook and how it compares to the feature of Timehop , said:
“My general feeling
is that this is awesome validation that we’re doing something worth
doing,” he said.
“One of our investors
put it really nicely that if Facebook isn’t playing in your space, you’re
probably not doing something worth doing.”
He added: “I’m not
particularly scared of this feature. I think it’s a really nice nod to what
we’re doing.”
One major draw back of this feature is that there may be some bad
memories from the past that people may not want to remember. Read About  How Cynogen  plans  to Take Over Android from Google
When introducing the new feature, the product manager of “on this day”
Jonathan Gheller said:
This Day shows content from this date in the past. For example, you might see
past status updates, photos, posts from friends and other things you’ve shared
or been tagged in, You can choose to subscribe to notifications so you’ll be
alerted when you have memories to look back on. You can also edit and delete
old posts, or decide to share your memories with friends.
feature isn’t available globally just yet, but as the rollout is now under way,
it shouldn’t be too long before you see it.