Top ten Laptop Brands to buy

 Top ten Laptop Brands to buy
 Top ten Laptop Brands to buy

Laptops, certainly has made surfing the internet easy and feasible.
With the widespread technological developments engulfing the consumer market,
each day witnesses the delivery of some groundbreaking and undiluted technology
that is better than what existed before. The same applies to Top Ten Android apps to Strive For and top laptop brands,
which have now become a part and section of our life.
Once only a handful of laptop
brands existed but now we have countless brands of laptops in exhausting
competition with each other, trying to grab the supreme share of the consumer
market, by offering the latest technological solutions. If you are thinking of
buying a laptop at this moment, here is a list of the top 10 brands for your
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1.    Apple:
This is conceivably the most trustworthy and reliable top laptop brand. Founded
in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Woznaik, Apple has attained the rank and position of
the largest and most admired laptop manufacturers across the globe. Armed with
updated technological features and innovative designs, Apple’s unparalleled
performance has made it a much sought after brand in the market. The notebooks
are sleek, slim and offer portability with convenience owing to the light
weight. The two most popular products are Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. With the
launch of iMac in the year 1998, Apple became a pioneer in technological
2.        Toshiba:
The laptops belonging to this top brand are illustrious and indistinguishable
for their durability, strength and toughness, looks, features and performance
as a whole. This top laptop brand manufacturer based in Japan is renowned
across the globe for delivering high-end products. With Toshiba Protégé Z830,
the lightest ultrabook in the world, the company made its foray into the domain
of ultrabooks. Toshiba is also well celebrated and seemingly applauded for its
entertainment laptops, the latest one being the Qosmio X870.
3.     Dell:
Dell Inc, set up by Michael Dell, comprises one of the largest technological
corporations in the world in developing, repairing and selling of computers,
laptops and other associated products. When the company acquired Perot Systems
and Alienware, the same led to expansion of its line through sale of data
storage devices and personal computers. For those who are game for innovative
products, Dell is a preferable choice. The company has successfully delivered
innovative personal computers in the domains of supply chain management and
electronic commerce catering to an array of customer specifications. 
4.         Lenovo:
Receiving awards for in the best technology category for three consecutive
times, Lenovo is undeniably a name to be
considered in the top 10 laptop brands. Innovative features, specifications and
quality make the brand a household name across the globe. Two of the
bestsellers from this brand include the Thinkpad notebook and the IdeaPad laptop. The main
reason behind the success of Lenovo is the
company’s capability of turning the needs of the consumers into tangible
products, and that too with a marvelous success rate. Lenovo is a very good
choice in terms of security, efficiency, productivity and reliability.  And this my list of top laptop brands to buy will
not be complete without its inclusion.
5.        Acer:
is a multinational company based in Taiwan, which has become extremely famous
with the launch of the Aspire series. Currently, Acer has gained immense
popularity with the delivery of performance-oriented products that subtly blend
with the user’s lifestyle. Coming up
with a lot of trendy and affordable models and brands, Acer has also proved to
be a competitive player in the ultrabook market, especially with the
introduction of the touch-enabled Windows 8 ultrabook. An innovative ultrabook
coming from Acer’s closet is the Aspire S3
6.      Sony:
with power and perfection, this brand name comprises one of the best
manufacturers of electronic products across the globe. This Japan based player
has a number of diversification, including mobile communications,
entertainment, photography, semiconductors and last but not the least, laptops.
In the current market, one of the most sought after laptops is the Sony Vaio.
It is indeed costlier when compared to similar products, but the product is
worth the price, if you think in terms of performance, quality, functionality
and design. Some of the largest selling models within the Vaio series include
SR, Z, TT, W and more.   
7.         Asus:
A company based in Taiwan and delivering innovative and top laptops brand, Acer has become a name in the laptop market, particularly
with its Eee Line series. The main reason for the popularity of the Eee
netbooks is that they are highly affordable. 1016P and 1018P constitute two of
the most popular models. Acer also brings in models that are energy efficient,
having the N455 Intel Atom processor. The monitor is capable of displaying
crisp and clear images, and the battery lasts for a very long time, probably
around10 hours or more, a feature which is extremely beneficial for those
working on the go. Moreover, the netbook weighs 2.4 pounds and hence is quite
8.    HP:
One of the trusted top brands across the globe when it comes to laptops, the
company comes with an array of exclusive laptop models catering to every preference
and taste. The most favored product from the company’s closet is the laptops
belonging to the Pavilion series. Another striking fact is that HP has made
remarkable enhancement in battery technology with respect to the Folio 13,
thereby offering continuous battery life for around 7 hours, when charged once.
9.  Samsung:
off its trade in the year 1938, Samsung
has heightened its operations with the launch of electronics. The incorporation
of updated developments within the products has made Samsung a forerunner in
innovative digital technology. Samsung’s laptops have become a much sought
after product range with their outstanding performance, mobility and

10. Gateway:
This Company, established in USA in the year 1985, is one of the moderately newer
ones to enter into the domain of technology. But it rapidly managed to carve
its own niche in the extremely competitive marketplace owing to the superior
product features and quality. Gateway laptops offer a unique blend of mobility,
entertainment and productivity. The NE Series Notebook from Gateway
successfully caters to consumer needs by being convenient to use and equipped
with sophisticated technologies. The newest
product is the M255-E notebook, which scores high on the performance
aspect and is also lightweight, proving to be a great option for professionals.  


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