Jets Club-What you need to Know and Science Quiz Proposal

Jets Club-What you need to Know and Science Quiz Proposal

JETS is an acronym for “Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists”. The JETS club is a science body that helps in inculcating better understanding of sciences into its members. JETS club engage students in various engineering and science education programs that were designed to encourage secondary school students to pursue engineering and science based careers. The Club meets once in a week (Fridays 12:30pm–1:00pm for their meetings).

The Club equally organizes lessons for its members in subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Basic Technology, Basic Science, Chemistry and Physics.

Jets Club Science Quiz Proposal

Latter part of the 20th century, discernible with the rapid growth and spread of science and technology, has experimentally changed almost all facet of human life, students to be more specific.
The proven fact science fiction/technology field still grows faster and will continue to grow and dominate in the 21st century, signal us (JETS Club) Peacefull-gate chapter to be well equilibrated in the technosphere.
JETS Club strives for excellence in the corridor of scientific and technological development. JETS Club teaches and practically assist students in building up their ability to analyse and solve scientific problems.
With this set visions, the prestigious club was set up to help students appreciate impact of technology and science development of a nation and citizens. It aims to produce young technicians, engineers and scientist that would be able to promote technical advancement using local materials.
To gain the aims, it’s very necessary to have interaction, contest and competition programs with the students. Thus the club has decided to run inter college science quiz contest/completion.


1. To introduce students to the principal techniques and practice of engineering.
2. To equip students with a broad range of engineering skills that will be essential in future academic work.
3. To teach students to acquire practical skills this would be valued to their future employers.
4. Preparing the students for high level of reasoning, imagination, manipulation of data as well as judgement.
1. To create or provide realistic view about the range of knowledge of Nigerian students regarding science and technology.
2. To increase the interaction between the students
3. To reduce inferiority complex amongthe students
4. To promote the host school, by showcasing it advances in structures, designs and Educational achievement.
4. To bring out the hidden abilities of the students regarding science and technology
5. To create a common root for the students to get knowledge about where to get the future education
6. This contest is not only essential for students but also equally important for schools and colleges, because this will help them to promote themselves.
7. To explore new horizon of challenges and opportunities that can boost the technological, economical and educational cenario of the country.


  • 1.     It helps to promote the standard of the school
  • 2.     It creates awareness about the school
  • 3.     It helps to showcase the school advancement in terms of structure, designs and other infrastructures.
  • 4.     It helps to increase the level of confidence among the students both locally and internationally
  • 5.     It brings about publicity of the school, which may result in an increase in the school population.
  JETS Club is a separate science body working for inter college science and technological growth. The members of JETS Club Peacefull-gate chapter will collect approval letter from the board of directors. The executive member of JETS Club is responsible for the entire management.
1. There will be maximum participation of schools and colleges, at least 30 Schools/colleges.
2. The financial requirement will be managed by the school management and will receive on time and due support from members of JET club.
3. The program will be run in different steps.
4. The amount for the forms will be #2000
5. There will be active participation of science related personalities for guidance and control.