My Top Blogger’s Guide to Selecting a Domain Name

My Top Blogger’s Guide to Selecting a Domain Name 

Have you decided proportionally to design a blog for yourself? Once you’ve decided to launch a blog –it might be for personal or business endeavor – one of the first decisions you have to make involves the ability for you to choose a perfect or almost perfect custom domain name for your blog.
This is the most relevant branding mechanism attached to your blog and you can’t afford fail in this area. You need to select a domain name that you can confidently be proud of for a long period ahead.

The Top insider Keys to Naming a Blog Domain

You’re somewhat going to be stuck with your blog’s domain name for the rest of the blog’s life. This isn’t meant to place you in a state of unrest, but to direct to mind to something you have to think clearly about, and is intended to show you just how big of a commitment you’re making. With the above being said, here are a few things you absolutely must consider.

1. Align Your Domain and Blog Name

This might seem like an understandable tip, but you’d be astounded by how many people use separate names. “It’s confusing to have a blog named one thing, but a domain or URL be something completely different,” entrepreneur Neil Patel says. “The big idea behind choosing a domain name is this: Choose a domain name that is the same as your blog name.”

This simplifies things for both you and your audience. You don’t have to deal with two names in branding and advertising, while your audience doesn’t have to remember two different names when trying to find your blog.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself

One of the major error new bloggers make is choosing a domain name that confines their reach. What this actually emphasizes; is that, they get too discriminating and end up with a name that allows for very little pivoting or suppleness in the future.

An example of a restrictive domain name would be something like, “” Sure, your initial idea may be to cover the weather in Dallas, but what happens in six months when you want to expand to Houston? And then what happens in another year when you want to cover the entire state of Texas? A better name would be something like, “”

3. Focus some Attention on Domain Extensions

There are millions of diverse domain extensions. While .com is by far the most common, you can always venture in other directions if you can’t find a domain name that suits your blog. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the most popular extensions. Get creative and see what works for you.

Keep in mind, you can use this to setup an email as well.

4. Try to Make it Simple

Your domain name needs to be straightforward. This means short, easy to spell, unproblematic to type, and pleasing to the eye. This latter point is especially significant. Bear in mind that domain names run together without any spaces. While you may think your domain says one thing, others who aren’t familiar with your blog may think it says something else. Have a second though through minor details like this and you’ll save yourself some embarrassment.

5. Keep it Legal

This is the most important part. Your blog might seem like a casual and innocent thing, but anytime there’s money changing hands, there are also legal implications. Endeavour to carry out your research in order to ensure you’re aware of any legal implications attached to the name – such as trademarks. You might be interested in reading about ….Intellectual Property Rights

“I am very familiar with some instances where bloggers were forced into making changes months into new blogs because of legal threats,”expert Darren Rowse says. “Whether these laws vary from country to country I’m unsure – but it’s worth considering if you’re picking a domain that might clash in this way.”

You must have patient in blogging, in order to succeed
Patience and consistency is the key to succeeding in the blogging sphere. There’s no sense in rushing into naming your blog. While you perceptibly have to nail down this step before being able to proceed with others, you can’t afford to choose a name, just for the sake of moving things along. Generally, be patient and do your payable research assiduousness.