How to Recover Lost WhatsApp Messages on Android Phones

How to Recover Lost WhatsApp Messages on Android Phones
Image Credit: Wgno

At times, we mistakenly tap incorrect buttons on our smart
devices and unfortunately, this means some vital information is nowhere to be
While chatting hurriedly on your Android device, you may
decide to start an email conversation. But very unfortunately, you could hit
“Delete Chat’’ instead of the “Email conversation’’ option right below it.
What does this mean? Your WhatsApp chat history is gone!

However, your WhatsApp chat is not gone forever because the
WhatsApp management has equipped the mobile app with some safety features which
allow Android users to recover any WhatsApp messages they mistakenly delete.
But notably, this advantage is possible only when the lost messages are within
a 7-day period. In a nutshell, you can’t recover any chat history after 7 days
from the moment you lost it.
In as much as the lost messages are within a one-week
period, WhatsApp allows you to recover anything through its back-up feature. By
this feature, WhatsApp ensures that all your data entries, such as messages,
are automatically backed up on a daily basis. Then, WhatsApp keeps the backed up
messages/data temporarily on the micro SD card of your Android device. 
Meanwhile, you’re advised to follow the steps below as they
are very simple and straightforward:
Ensure there is a micro SD in your Android
device before you begin the process
After that, explore your WhatsApp settings and choose
the option that allows you to uninstall the app
Reinstall your WhatsApp to retrieve the lost
Having done that, open the app and exercise
little patience for a prompt message to pop up (This message asks you to
restore your WhatsApp chat history)
Recover the chat history you lost recently by
clicking on “`restore’’
Having complied with the instructions above, any information lost within the maximum period of 7 days will be restored.