How to Download and Install WhatsApp on Your PC

How to Download and Install WhatsApp on Your PC
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Without doubts, WhatsApp is one of the world’s most exciting
social media apps. Across the entire span of the world, millions of active
users have been recorded for the exciting social messaging app. Very interestingly,
WhatsApp may be supported on a variety of mobile devices inclusive of S40 Nokia
phones, other Java devices, Android phones and lots more.
Due to its ease of access, thousands of WhatsApp users have
suggested the social messaging app is a great alternative to Blackberry
Messenger and probably, this means users of Nokia S40 phones and several other
Java phones have a great substitute to make up for the inability to use
Blackberry Messenger.

Although millions of social messaging addicts find it
comfortable to download and install WhatsApp on their supported mobile devices,
many people still find it difficult to install the app on their PCs without the
need of any web browser. Meanwhile, this results from the restriction which
implies that WhatsApp is specified for installation on certain Windows
operating systems. In that case, you can only access WhatsApp via your
computer’s web browser –especially if your PC runs any operating system other
than Mac OSX 10.9 and Windows 8 or other newer versions.
As a matter of fact, you can download and install WhatsApp
on your PC without restraint. To access WhatsApp on your PC as a social
messaging app –and neither via a web browser –you can download the app by
visiting the official website of WhatsApp using any browser on your PC.
Alternatively, you may launch Apple App Store to easily select and download the
app from a variety of downloadable apps.

Regarding our main focus in this article, you will be guided
on how you can simply download and install WhatsApp on Windows 8 or other
specific advanced operating systems [as implied earlier]. Therefore, you can
use WhatsApp on your PC as a full social messaging app by complying with the
step-by-step method below:
Open a suitable browser on your PC
Switch to the download page (This is the page specified for the download of the .exe file)
After the download, complete the installation of
WhatsApp by launching the .exe file
Having fully installed WhatsApp on your PC, open
the app (NOTE: You will be required to run a scan of the QR code in order to
access the login process)