How to STOP Seeing Posts from Certain Facebook Friends on Your Timeline

How to STOP Seeing Posts from Certain Facebook Friends on Your Timeline
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Do you want to  STOP seeing posts from certain Facebook friends on your timeline? Facebook is a fascinating social platform for you to welcome unknown people from various backgrounds. Meanwhile, these people become your Facebook friends when you accept their friend requests or they accept yours.
With this relationship, it becomes easy to share awesome moments with others and establish interesting social presence at large. This online guide/tutorial is for those searching for solutions on; 

how to block someone from posting on your facebook without unfriending them

how to block a person from posting on your facebook wall without unfriending them

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how to stop seeing someone’s posts on facebook without unfriending them

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Despite the fact that Facebook paves the way for you to become friends with people, you still need to exercise great caution to avoid having any blemish on your Facebook reputation. What do I mean by “blemish’’

Do  you know some ill-mannered people can just explore your Facebook timeline and post something
that can damage your reputation? Probably, they can do this in order to pay back for a long-standing offence.
Undeniably, Facebook is a free-to-use platform that allows you to welcome thousands of unknown people but you are still advised to be cautious of those who can access your timeline and post something on it. Why are you advised in this manner?
Your timeline is one of the core aspects of your Facebook account and whatever people come across on it is the likely description of who you are or what you do on Facebook.
If you have a strong aversion for pornography and still find a pornographic impression posted on your timeline by someone, you can get mad at such a person. But the best measure you can take to guide against this beastly occurrence is to protect your Facebook timeline and decide what appears on it.
Finally, this article will show you how you can protect your Facebook timeline and specify the kinds of posts your friends are allowed to share on it.
Log in to your Facebook account and go to settings
From he subsequent options, select timeline and tagging
Then, select the option implying who can post on my timeline (NOTE: this helps you control your timeline and prevent unauthorized posts probably from unknown persons)
      You can then decide to change the set-up to only me or friends (NOTE: If you set it as only me, nobody
including your friends will be able to post on your timeline. So, you’re advised to set it as friends so that your friends may have access to your timeline especially when they want to post birthday wishes on it)
Meanwhile, it is important that you complete this process by activating the option implying Review Post. When you do this, it will be easy for you to go through friends’ posts before they are displayed on your Facebook timeline