How to Subscribe to Glo Monthly Plans

How to Subscribe to Glo Monthly Plans
Image Credit: NAIJ Nigeria
In point of fact, Glo is really crazy about its competition
with other network operators. And right now, the trio of MTN, Airtel and
9Mobile must have realized that Glo is ready to dominate the telecom arena with
its sumptuous and heavy monthly plans.

In reality, every internet addict would prefer a monthly
offer of 1.5GB to that of 3.2GB especially when the two offers attract the same
price of #1000. Surprisingly, Glo is your right choice any time you hope to
receive enormous data to browse heavily on your smartphone, Android and other
high-end devices.
As to the focal point of this article, we hope Glo
subscribers will be glad to see the massive variety of monthly data bundles at
their disposal. Meanwhile, this article comprises some of the monthly data bundles
offered by Glo and their various subscription codes. So, read on and find out
the amazing monthly plans Glo has for you –and just you!
How to get 3.2GB for #1000
This is one of the plans launched by Glo in order to amaze
its subscribers who browse the internet heavily. I suggest this plan is pretty
suitable for you if you enjoy downloading files regularly or surfing the web
endlessly. You don’t expect any Nigerian network other than Glo to amaze you
with a monthly offer as beautiful as this. Would you deny this? I guess no! And
just with that cheap price (#1000), you have a lot of megabytes to rock the
internet endlessly.
To subscribe to this plan, just recharge your account with
#1000 and dial *127*53# Alternatively, you can create a text message containing
“53’’ and send it to 127.
How to Get 7.5GB for #2000
If Glo’s 3.2GB for #1000 was amazing, how would you describe
this very one? I guess this is one of the magnificent offers Glo has for those
who can’t just do without surfing the internet heavily. If you download
enormous files and browse the web on frequent occasions, you should opt for no
bundle other than this.
You might suggest #2000 is not a trifling sum but the fact
is that the 7.5GB (for a massive period of 30 days) just solves your internet
problem and replaces it with ample time to enjoy every bit of what the digital
world offers. With your smartphone or Windows device massively loaded with this
bundle, you wouldn’t have to anger at your friends when they start watching
YouTube videos seamlessly.
To subscribe to this plan, ensure there is #2000 or more in
your account, then dial *127*55# if you don’t prefer dialing that code, you can
simply create a text message with the content “55’’ and forward it to 127.
How to Get 10GB for #2500
With just a meagre difference of #500, Glo magnifies your
7.5GB to 10GB (What a whopping increase of 2.5GB!). I suggest you wouldn’t love
missing this. So, why not add just #500 to your #2000 and let Glo beautify your
day with the best internet experience?
To subscribe to this plan, be certain you have up to #2500
in your account. Then, you can dial *127*58#. As an alternative, you can simply
create an SMS with “58’’ and forward it to 127.
How to Get 12GB for #3000
Glo must be mad about this! (Did I just say so?) No! Glo
isn’t mad about this but the network operator is ready to madden its subscribers
with incredible megabytes of fun. With just #3000, you can boast of a
mouthwatering 12GB for a period of 30 days. How marvelous does this sound?
To subscribe to this plan, dial *127*54# or create a text
message with the content “54’’ and forward it to 127.