How to Unsend/Delete a WhatsApp Message

How to Unsend/Delete a WhatsApp Message
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With a massive number of global users, WhatsApp is
undoubtedly one of the best social messaging apps for users of various kinds of
phones to send in-time messages to friends, relatives and other loved ones. One
of the major reasons millions of users fancy WhatsApp is its compatibility with
many kinds of phones including Android devices and Nokia S40 among others.

Although WhatsApp is an exciting and easy-to-use social
messaging app, thousands of users have complained about the fact that it lacks
some vital feature –especially the inability to recall messages immediately
they are sent. In an attempt to advance beyond this disadvantage, WhatsApp has
announced its new feature –the Erase option –that allows users to delete the
disgusting messages they wish they hadn’t sent. You could send a message while
in a pique of anger but when you suddenly realize that you shouldn’t have sent
such a message, you become regretful and wish to recall it.
The Erase option is obviously a significant improvement in
the use of WhatsApp but the only shortcoming is that it isn’t supported on all
versions of WhatsApp. Again, you have to be very decisive about any message
that should be deleted and ensure you do so within eight minutes from the time
the message was sent.
As implied earlier, this new feature –as specified for
deleting a message already sent on WhatsApp –is compatible only with the latest
version of WhatsApp. So, if your smartphone supports the newly-launched version
of WhatsApp, you’re certain to enjoy the feature. Now, you can follow the
instructions below to unsend a WhatsApp message:
Open your WhatsApp messaging app and navigate to
the actual message you wish to delete
Ø  Highlight the message and as you do this, a
pop-up menu emerges
From the menu, click on  the Erase
With that done, you will now have access to
delete the message by clicking on Delete
For Everyone
NOTE: WhatsApp will notify you if the attempt to delete
the message fails. In case this happens, you may have to sort things out
probably by pleading with your recipient for having sent such a message.