What Do You Need to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria?

What Do You Need to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria?
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On any grounds, fish farming is one of the farming
businesses that have thrived in Nigeria for many years. If you’re keen to start
a farming business, fish farming is unarguably one of the most profitable
farming businesses you can invest in.

There are other farming businesses such as poultry farming
but fish farming happens to be the most profitable farming business you can do
in Nigeria. A fish farming business requires sufficient capital and
fortunately, this article will enlighten you on some of the requirements you need
for a fish farming business.
Setting up a Piece of Land

The first thing you need to start fish farming is
a suitable piece of land. You can set up this land in any environment but make
sure there is sufficient water supply in that environment. Moreover, the size
of this land depends on the number of fish ponds you wish to set up as well as
your desired scale of output. Probably, one plot of land should be enough for
you if you have a moderate budget for fish farming. But if you think you need
to breed fish on a broader scale, you can set aside two or more plots of land.
Making a Borehole

Water is one of the indispensable resources you need for
fish farming. Fish are aquatic animals and tend to survive favourably when
there is a substantial supply of water. To maximize the benefits you can derive
from fish farming, you need to make a borehole and ensure the borehole produces
satisfactory water. Also, experts in fish farming claim the best sources of
water for breeding fish are river water and borehole water.
Constructing a Fish Pond

After making a borehole with sufficient water, you can then
set up a fish pond. But again, this is very technical to do and you may require
the service of a professional. Alternatively, you can contact experienced fish
farmers to inquire about the equipment and instructions you need to construct a
fish pond.
Learning about Fish Farming

Fish farming is not a business you dabble in. you must have
adequate knowledge of it before you establish it. For the fact that fish
farming requires a lot of spending, you’re expected to acquire much knowledge
of it so that you don’t end up as a loser. Attending fish farming seminars is a
good idea but as a piece of advice, you still have to interact with an
experienced fish farmer who can enlighten you on the ins and outs of the