How to Start Sugarcane Farming in Nigeria

How to Start Sugarcane Farming in Nigeria
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Sugarcane business is a subsidiary of agro-allied farming
and it has got every potential of thriving in Nigeria. In Nigeria, Nigeria
accounts for the second largest consumption of sugarcane and one great reason
why many Nigerians fancy sugarcane production is the low start-up capital it

In this write-up, we have gathered information about the
cultivation of sugarcane in Nigeria. Meanwhile, this information broadly
focuses on the requirements for profitable sugarcane farming.
Securing a Piece of Land

Like several other farming businesses, the first thing that
should be set up in starting a sugarcane farming is a suitable piece of land.
Depending on your preferred scale of output, you may need to secure a large
piece of land. Again, most people engage in sugarcane plantation for commercial
purposes and this reason may necessitate setting up a large tract of land for
the business.
Adequate Knowledge of Sugarcane Plantation

Adequate knowledge is key to the success of every farming
business. In that case, an aspiring sugarcane farmer needs to acquire the basic
skills of sugarcane plantation. These skills may include where to grow the
crop, how to tend the crop and the farming methods that can be adopted to
increase sugarcane yields.
Tending the Sugarcane

Sugarcane tending requires proper maintenance just to keep
the sugarcane at a steady growth rate which in turn increases sugarcane yields.
By way of tending the crop, you may need to practise weed control.
Setting up an Irrigation Channel

Sugarcane is one of the crops that require sufficient water
supply. Meanwhile, a sugarcane farm is best set up in an arable land area with
adequate rainfall. But if you can’t afford this, you may have to construct an
irrigation channel to water your growing sugarcane regularly. Doing this will
help you not only to grow sugarcane quickly but also expand your production of
Harvesting and Supplying Sugarcane

As a sugarcane farmer, your goal is to grow the crop
successfully, harvest it and generate money by making it available for
commercial purposes. The distribution of sugarcane products is the point of
profitability and that is why a sugarcane farmer needs to supply his harvested
sugarcane to nearby sugarcane factories. Fortunately, Nigerian sugar factories
are always in need of sugarcane as a basis for further production of sugar.