Top 4 Business Ideas for Nigerian Undergraduates

Top 4 Business Ideas for Nigerian Undergraduates
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In Nigeria, too many undergraduates depend on their parents
for virtually all money-related needs. This might not sound ridiculous to you
as a Nigerian undergraduate but if, unfortunately, your parents are in financial
difficulty, you may feel disappointed.

If you ask some Nigerian undergraduates why they depend
excessively on their parents’ pockets, they will surely give excuses but
whether these excuses are reasonable or not is a matter of controversy. Some
students say they don’t have time while others say they don’t have any money to
start side businesses. Nevertheless, this article comprises the top 4 business ideas for Nigerian undergraduates. Quite interestingly, these businesses are
best suited for students as they can be set up with little or no capital.
Selling Past Question Booklets

Students are familiar with this and no serious student will
undermine the importance of studying past questions. If you think you’re
proficient enough to provide answers to the past questions on your departmental
courses, you definitely have the advantage to turn such proficiency into
profit. How do you do this?
Get the past questions and provide in-depth answers to them.
After that, compile them into booklets which can be easily obtained by
interested students. Certainly, this attracts some production cost but I bet
you won’t regret venturing into business if you can provide detailed answers to
the past questions. After compiling the questions into booklets, you can start
selling each booklet based on the amount of profit you prefer to have after
subtracting the production cost.
Typing Projects and Assignments

This is actually an interesting business idea that you can
cash in on as a serious-minded undergraduate. There is no doubt that many
students –especially final year students –are usually occupied with projects
and other assignments which are to be submitted in printed form. With this
business, you can always have a steady inflow of jobs but to get started, you
need a reliable laptop/PC and a good source of electricity. Also, you need to
improve your typing speed so that you can catch up with deadlines.
Tutorial Services

This is actually one great way for brilliant students to
make money for themselves and even become self-dependent. In almost every
department, some courses tend to be difficult and if you happen to be an
intelligent student in a higher level, you definitely have the opportunity to
bring your junior ones together for tutorial sections. If they discover that
you’re such a gifted student who has the proficiency of imparting knowledge to
others, they will surely pay you for teaching them.
But again, you have to be very considerate in charging them.
Suppose that you have 15 students already, you can charge each student #50 per
class and that means at the end of a class, you should be earning #750.

Catering is a pretty business idea you can easily attach to
schooling. Though catering requires perseverance and professionalism, one good
way to make the best out of it is to associate with other students who are
professional caterers already.

Some universities are situated very close to event centres.
Meanwhile, these event centres are usually flooded with parties on Saturdays,
giving many student caterers the advantage to make extra cash. Interestingly,
catering doesn’t attract start-up capital but to be a professional caterer, you
must show the readiness to serve people right probably by cooking good food and
treating them with courtesy.