Top 4 Profitable Nigerian Businesses You Never Know

Top 4 Profitable Nigerian Businesses You Never Know
Image Credit: Nigerianfinder

Business ideas flow in Nigeria day by day but in spite of
this, many Nigerians are worried about what businesses to venture into to start
making money. In reality, some Nigerian businesses require formal training
while several others do not. Regardless of the business type you prefer, one of
the factors that determine your profit level is your business strategy.

Some Nigerian businesses are very profitable but many
Nigerians are not ready to give them a try. Regarding this, we have come up
with the top 4 profitable Nigerian businesses you never know.
Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is a subsidiary of agriculture but many
Nigerian entrepreneurs are not considering it due to their disregard for
agriculture. The importance of agriculture evokes the question “Are there
business benefits in farming?’’ , “Can one make it big as a farmer?’’
Verily, farming is one of the most profitable businesses you
can do in Nigeria. With small or medium capital layout, you can become a
livestock farmer probably with a poultry farm people can reach for poultry
supplies including chickens and eggs. In Nigeria, there is always a constant
demand for poultry animals and this is one of the reasons why many livestock
farmers are making it big.
Catering Services

Catering is one of the lucrative Nigerian businesses many
people are not thinking about. Meanwhile, it can be set up as a medium-scale
business but at times, you may need to acquire some culinary skills depending
on the trending foods in your locality or the kinds of foods people supplied
for party purposes.
In Nigerian cities, some event centres are usually congested
with parties especially on weekends. For the fact that some organizers of
parties (like wedding ceremonies) usually require the services of caterers, you
can always make substantial sums of money on weekends. Nevertheless, caterers
are quite different from ordinary food vendors (found alongside commercial
roads). In this regard, you need to acquire professional cuisine skills that
can convince people to request for your services.

Many Nigerians look down on shoe-making but the undisputed
fact is that it is one of the occupations that can fetch you sufficient profit
on a regular basis. Importantly, it is quite reasonable to discriminate between
a shoe-maker and a shoe-cobbler. As a professional, the former skillfully
assembles materials required in making new shoes while a shoe-cobbler, on the other
hand, is usually an itinerant person who mends shoes roughly.
Although you first have to acquire shoe-making skills
(probably by working as an apprentice), shoe-making will certainly yield you
reasonable profit because both male and female dignitaries are always in need
of fashionable shoes that will complement their outfit.
Restaurant Management

Owning a restaurant is one of the ways you can have your own
pile of profit in Nigeria. Though very lucrative, restaurant management is not
an easy business to start because before you can start making real profit, you
first have to establish your own customers and ensure you earn their loyalty.
In this regard, your business strategy should be a persuasive one. Also, you’re
encouraged to establish your restaurant in a localized area where you can meet
your target patronizers.