5 Ways to Fix iPhone X Overheating Issue

There are so many things that can cause iPhone X overheating issue such as playing high graphics game and watching videos on YouTube for several hours. Another thing that might cause the iPhone X overheating issue is keeping it under sunlight.

The front glass and back glass of iPhone X retains heat that is generated by the CPU while performing a task on your phone. In this article, we will show you the steps to follow to solve the iPhone X overheating issue and what to do to stop it from occurring again.

5 Ways to Fix IPhone X Overheating Issue

Ways to fix iPhone X overheating issue

1.   Exit All Background/Running Apps

This is one of the essential steps to follow in order to solve the iPhone X overheating issue. When you run so many apps on your iPhone X, it will lead to overheating. There is always a tendency that your phone will not be able to perform several functions. Exiting all the apps that run in the background lessen the load of your iPhone X. You can leave a maximum of 3 apps running in the background when you are using it. Another option for you is to close all the apps and then reboot your iPhone X.

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2.   Recently Installed an App

If you install a mobile app on your device before noticing your iPhone X overheating issue, then the app might be the reason your device is having overheating. Some of these mobile apps come with a bug that can make our device malfunction. One of the ways to solve this is for you to check Google play store in order to update the app. If you can’t find an updated version, you can install the app from your device.

  1. Reset All Settings

Your setting is another thing that causes the iPhone X overheating issue. When you set your iPhone X in motion this makes it perform several tasks. For you to return the setting back to normal will be difficult. Therefore, it is better to reset all the settings and be sure of the setting you are using. In order to do this, access the setting >> Menu >> General >> Reset >> Reset all setting. In case you are being asked to put your passcode then do it and confirm it.

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4.   Updated Software

When your software is updated, the iPhone X overheating issue won’t occur in your device because it would have been fixed on the latest version of the software you have installed. In order to get an updated version of the software in your phone, go to your settings Menu>> General >> About. You should be able to get a notification if there’s updated software. Then you can click on it to update it on your device. Whereby, your iPhone X overheating issue has not been solved. The last option is to try a master reset.

5.    Master Reset

A master reset is being considered as the last option for you to fix your iPhone X overheating issue when you have tried other methods. The first thing is for you to back up all your files before you perform this task. To carry a Master reset you have to go to Settings>> General Reset>> Then erase all content and settings. You might be asked to insert a passcode in order to confirm your reset. With this, you can be able to fix your iPhone X overheating issue.

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If all the necessary steps you have followed doesn’t fix your iPhone X overheating issue. Then it can be a hardware problem and you can take it to a phone expert to check the problem of your iPhone X.