Review-How to create, communicate, get work done with Microsoftonline Review-How to create, communicate, get work done with Microsoftonline is a website to create, communicate, collaborate and get work done. It is a free website with different versions including Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint outlook, and OneNote. Microsoftonline services are hosted by Microsoft and sold with Microsoft partners.Here is a simple guide on How to buy and sell on amazon.comAmazon is an American multinational technology company that is based in Seattle, Washington State, USA. Just like BBC whose headquarters is in Westminster, London.

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Microsoftonline suite includes exchange online, SharePoint online, office communications online, Microsoft Forefront and Microsoft office live meeting. The website has the following categories office, windows, surface, Xbox, deals, software, pcs and devices and others. A click or tap on any of the above will display a clear description of the category with features and functions.


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Office 365 is a cloud based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. It combines best in class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft terms. Office 365 allows anyone and everyone to create and share anywhere and on any device. Office 365 can be used on multiple PCS / MACs, Tablets, and phones including Windows, IOS and Androids.

Features of office 365

The following are the best office 365 features

  • Collaboration: office 365 is cloud-base therefore it allows many multiple people to edit the same document at once in word, PowerPoint or excel. Users can also edit documents as they are been made or see others who are making the edits.
  • Link to file instead of attaching them: the business edition of office 365 has the option of linking to files instead of attaching them. This is done by simply uploading the file to office 365 cloud, opening Outlook on the cloud and link the file.
  • Chat with users on Skype and Teams: Skype is popular or well known to users for chatting but Microsoft introduced Teams to users that allow them do more than chat and have video conferences on their devices. When you have Team on your Mac, Tablet or Mobile devices, you can team securely edit and share files and also customize it by adding notes, websites and apps.
  • Convert scribbles to drawings and text: if scribbles are written into OneNote, it can guess which lines belong together you can then edit it or use the math or link to text options to change the scribbles into regular numbers and text.

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This is a group of several operating system families that are developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft.  They include windows 10, windows 7, and windows 8.1. Windows are designed by Microsoft to make staying up-to-date easy. Windows 10 has the following recent update features that helps users pursue their passion, make better connections and give back sometimes.

  • Makes new computers faster, lighter and more durable
  • It provides new ways of using a computer such as touchscreens, zoom in, zoom out, quickly scroll and sign documents.
  • It automatically moves your files to your new computer
  • Built in security at no extra cost
  • Allows your computer to stay protected against the latest security threats
  • Helps you pick up what you left off wherever you left off. And many more.

How to sign in to

Follow the steps below to sign in to

  • Log on to
  • Click or tap sign in at the top right corner on the screen
  • Enter your email, phone or Skype
  • Click or tap next to confirm your phone number by verifying your country code and phone number
  • Click or tap next to login.

N.B for users who do not have existing account with the following steps should be taken to create a new account

  • Launch the Microsoftonline website
  • Click or tap sign in at the top right corner on the screen
  • Enter your email, phone number or Skype
  • Click or tap create one to create a new account
  • Click or tap next to provide or fill in some necessary information
  • Create a password by entering the passwords you will like to use with your account and click next
  • Enter your name that is first name and last name a d click next
  • Enter birthdate, country and region and click next
  • Verify your email, phone or Skype by entering the code sent to you by Microsoft and click next to sign in.