How To Automatically Record Calls On Android With Truecaller

How To Automatically Record Calls On Android With Truecaller

In case you do not know, it is very important to record calls on your phone on daily basis either as a business person, a student, or anything. Call records can help you keep records of conversations. You can replay the records that have been saved in your device storage. In case you forget some small details, or you need to provide evidence during legal cases, you can always rely on saved call records. In 2019, most people own smartphones but unfortunately, most android phones do not automatically record phone calls.

There are some android phone’s that come with the call recording feature, but you still have to toggle it on during a phone call conversation. This is disadvantageous because turning the call record feature on during an ongoing conversation may skip your mind. Now, you’re left with making the choice of relying on a third-party apps that are capable of automatically recording and saving your calls on Android.

  • What is the best third-party call recording app on Android?

When considering third-party apps, Truecaller can be the top choice. It has been working as an application that reveals unknown caller’s identity but many people do not know that it can also automatically record and save your calls on Android.

  • How does Truecaller automatically record calls on Android?

To start recording calls on your android phone, you need to download and install Truecaller on your Android phone if you do not already have it. After installation,

  • Open Truecaller app on your Android phone and click the burger sign that is located at the top left corner
  • From the available options click on the settings button to see more functionalities of your Truecaller app
  • How To Automatically Record Calls On Android With Truecaller
  • Click on call recording located at the bottom-right and enable it (You will see that the feature is paid but is available for free 14 days trial that you can use at the time)
  • How To Automatically Record Calls On Android With Truecaller
  • Once you enable the call recording option, you will be presented with two options of either to: 1. Record calls automatically, or 2. Record calls manually
  • How To Automatically Record Calls On Android With Truecaller
  • Since the goal is to automatically record calls on your android, select the first option (record calls automatically) and the feature will be activated immediately on your android phone

Now when you’re about to make or receive any calls, Truecaller will automatically initiate the call recording feature once your call connects. The recorded calls will be saved in your phone’s storage at the end of each call, and you can either replay the recorded audio in your phone’s storage or right in the true caller app.

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There you have it. That’s How To Automatically Record Calls On Android With Truecaller. As we have already stated above, there are no ways to automatically record phone call conversations on Android for now, and the only way to achieve that is by making use of certain third-party call recording apps on Android. We also mentioned that Truecaller is one of the surest apps that you can conveniently make use of if you want to keep records of your call conversations on your android phone. Truecaller should work for you if you follow the directives we have provided in this guide carefully.

We are available to address any issues you may encounter with the above processes. Simply leave your comments in the comments section below and we will shed more light on how you can go about it.