Top 5 Mobile Phones to Buy in 2019

It’s barely one month the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was launched and which added to the list of the different top 5 mobile phones to buy. Apple iPhone 11 came out with different versions – iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone Pro Max. The launching of these two phones has also given gadget lovers with different mobile phones to buy.

We have witnessed top-notch phones being launched this year, with the Google Pixel being an exception. Several phone manufacturers such as Huawei also did well by announcing the Mate 30 series which will be launch in the phone market. It’s quite unfortunate, that it will make it among the top 5 mobile phones to buy at the moment.

Top 5 Mobile Phones to Buy
The following is a list of top 5 mobile phones to buy in 2019:

1. Top 5 Mobile Phones to Buy: APPLE IPHONE 11 PRO/PRO MAX
This phone was launched with only 64GB internal storage, trip rear camera system which makes it the most excellent video capture system you can have on a phone. The minor differences between ‘iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max’ in the top 5 mobile phones to buy comes in terms of size display and the battery capacity. The size of the phone is portable and can fit in well with people with small hands.

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It comes with an OLED screen, a good battery that can last up to four hours, and the latest camera hardware which comes with improved camera software. There’s Face ID in order to ensure the security of the phone and this phone version has been enhanced in order to give better performance. There are some eye-catching colours giving buyers different options to pick from. The phone is among the top 5 mobile phones to buy.

2. Top 5 Mobile Phones to Buy: SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10/10 PLUS
The phone comes with a more superior version. Samsung has two options – Note 10 & Note 10 Plus with a MicroSD card slot for memory card, good battery capacity and display size. It has the recent Qualcomm processor, expandable microSD card, high-speed internal storage, four rear cameras, and among others. This is also part of the top 5 mobile phones to buy in 2019.

The phone has a connection to the Windows button embedded inside the quick control areas alongside with maximum support for the new version of DeX. This extends to the peripheral monitor with the Samsung DeX making it so easier, and also provides maximum functionalities for a desktop experience. The Note 10/10 Plus has internal storage of 8GB RAM 256GB and 12GB RAM 256GB respectively.

3. Top 5 Mobile Phones to Buy: APPLE IPHONE XS MAX
Two years ago, Apple changed the ball game when they came out with iPhone X and also surprised many when they launched iPhone XS Max. This phone has made known to withstand other phones after some series of tests had been carried on it. It has an awesome OLED screen, good battery capacity, awesome camera with the latest software to take compelling photos.

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This phone gets updates regularly and iOS apps are still superior to Android apps, in spite of the upgrading in Android phones. Apple iPhone XS Max is one of the top 5 mobile phones to buy. The applications in this phone are better than what we can see in Android phones in terms of security and control. It has a minimum storage of 64GB and be expanded to 512GB.


4. Top 5 Mobile Phones to Buy: SAMSUNG GALAXY S10/S10 PLUS
This phone is a winner in nearly every aspect, and also an affordable and it’s pocketable being compared to the new phones Samsung has launched – Note 10 series. The price of this phone has reduced drastically over the last six months for you to buy it. Note 10 has improved in terms of ultra-wide camera, battery durability, and improved the software with good User interface design.

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 PLUS has some features such as Super AMOLED Infinity-O display, WiFi 6, five cameras, MicroSD with more capacities, 128GB to 1TB storage, 8GB RAM with 128 GB option, and stunning prism colour options. It can charge other Smartphone devices and gear such as the latest Galaxy Buds through wireless technology. This is one of the top 5 mobile phones to buy as a phone freak.

5. Top 5 Mobile Phones to Buy: SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9
When this phone was launched in the year 2018, it was the most excellent phone for business before the Note 10 PLUS was released. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a Bluetooth S Pen, good internal storage, battery durability of 4,000mAh, dual rear cameras, software intelligence, improved audio capability, rear fingerprint scanner and among others.

The one good user interface software that comes with this phone gives it a more user-friendly experience. Users were able to see the update after several months. The phone which is part of the top 5 mobile phones to buy has been out for over a year. This phone is absolutely one you will enjoy the features.

In this article, we have seen the top 5 mobile phones to buy. You can buy any of them depending on what you can afford based on camera, internal storage, battery capacity, and other features. Right now the ball is in your court to buy any of these top 5 mobile phones.