How to Activate Airtel 4G LTE

How to Activate Airtel 4G LTE
Image Credit: Gizmolead
Following Airtel’s decision to partner with ZTE –one of
China’s giant companies –the telecom company received the licence to offer 4G
services to its users. In conjunction with ZTE, Airtel has vigorously launched
its 4G service as the beginning of a new era for its subscribers to enjoy the
fastest internet experience.

In an attempt to boost its telecom operations and bridge the
competitive gap between other giant telcos, Airtel has introduced its 4G
service. Meanwhile, this swift internet service is aimed at making Airtel the
top priority telecom company in Nigeria.

In point of fact, this move is seen as a tool specified for Airtel
subscribers to ward off the disappointments they bear while browsing the
internet with slow connections such as 2G. On frequent occasions, some Airtel
subscribers have complained about slow browsing speeds but with the advent of
this expeditious 4G LTE, Airtel is ready to give internet addicts the most
awesome browsing experience they desire.
For Airtel subscribers to enjoy the 4G LTE service, they are
advised to get any 4G-enabled smartphones and make sure some requirements are
met before submitting their request for the 4G LTE service.
To activate Airtel’s 4G LTE, subscribers can simply upgrade
their old SIM cards or visit any nearby retail outlet to purchase a 4G-enabled
Airtel SIM card. It is recommended that you obtain a new Airtel 4G SIM card to
enjoy Airtel’s fastest internet connection but on the other hand, you can
choose to upgrade your old Airtel SIM card to make it support the 4G service.
Steps on How to Upgrade Your Airtel SIM to Support 4G LTE
First and foremost, ensure your smartphone is
Then create a backup for your contact details to
avoid losing them
Go to any nearby Airtel Service centre
Ask for the person in charge of the Customer
Care section
Let the person know you want to upgrade your
Airtel SIM card to a 4G-enabled SIM
With that said, the Airtel agent will provide
you a form and ask you to fill in some important details
After submitting the form, your Airtel SIM card
will be considered for the 4G upgrade