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We recently published well detailed articles on How to Apply for a Bolivian visa in Nigeria and The easiest way to apply for and get a Uruguayan visa in Nigeria, and over the last couple of hours we have received numerous messages from many guests and visa seekers asking questions like —

How can I get a visa to Ecuador in Nigeria? How do I apply for an Ecuadorian visa in Nigeria? What are the requirements for an Ecuador visa? Where is the Ecuador embassy located in Nigeria? How much does an Ecuador visa cost? Do I need any travel agent to help me?…. And many other important questions, which is why we are here with good news for you. We are providing this article in order to answer the above questions, satisfy your curiosity, and assist you in all the ways possible so as to avoid any costly mistakes when applying for a Visa for Ecuador.

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About Ecuador

Ecuador (known officially as the Republic of Ecuador) is a small developing country located on the continent of South America, popular for it’s culture, economy, ethnic diversity, politics and unity. Quito is the capital city of the country, and is also one of the most popular locations for visitors.

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Types of Ecuador Visa

For you to enter Ecuador from Nigeria, there are some documents that you have to present during your visa application in order to be successful. The very first and most important document is the Ecuadorian Visa.

The Ecuadorian visa comes in different types depending on your purpose in the country, But the two main types of Visas include —

  • Ecuador Tourist/Visitor Visa: This visa is mainly issued to foreigners including people from Nigeria who intend to enter the country for the purpose of visiting or for leisure
  • Ecuador Business Visa: If you’re going to Ecuador for the purpose of doing business, this is the type of visa that is required from you.

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The following are included in the list of things that are required for you during your visa application

  1. A request written and signed by you, addressed to the Ecuadorian Foreign Service Officer, stating concisely, the reasons for your application, your intended stay duration and the activities you are going to be carrying out in Ecuador.
  2. A valid international passport with more than three blank pages
  3. Recent passport photos
  4. Filled and signed Ecuadorian visa application form
  5. A clear copy of the first page of your passport (that is, the information page)
  6. Proof of group travel if you’re traveling with a group
  7. Admission letter from the educational institution in Ecuador and proof of tuition fee payment (applies to Nigerians going to the country for study)
  8. Birth certificate
  9. Bank statement of account showing that you’re buoyant enough for the trip
  10. Flight ticket and hotel booking reservation
  11. Visa application fee
  12. Other documents that might support your visa application

Application Method

Interested applicants who are eligible for the visa application, and have assembled all the complete necessary requirements can proceed to the embassy of Ecuador in Nigeria to apply in person. A fee of $55 applies.

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Ecuador Embassy in Nigeria

There is currently one Embassy of Ecuador in Nigeria and it is located in Abuja. Be careful so as not to waste your time, effort, and money in the wrong location.

10 Marakesh Street, off Kumasi Crescent, off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja
Tel: +234 90 545 454 25
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]

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