Best List of SEO Plugins for Bloggers


The List of SEO Plugins for Bloggers  is massive, I must confess. Honestly, Search engine optimization (SEO) is getting complex and twisted day after day with over 200 ranking factor, how will bloggers, webmasters and website owners get to beat competitors and get their websites on the first page of search engines index Without getting penalized by Google?

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To top it all, search engines are a major source of traffic for most websites and have become a crucial part of most digital marketing strategy. Frankly, top sites uses this key strategy to their advantage. As a result of this a lot of money has been spent trying to get information and update on search engines ranking factors. But did you know that there are plugins that would make this task easier and save you a lot of money?

Best SEO Plugins for Bloggers In 2019

Best SEO Plugins for Bloggers In 2019
Best SEO Plugins for Bloggers In 2019

Well, if you didn’t pay close attention, I’ll be unveiling the Best SEO Plugins for bloggers OR for your blog as the the case may arise!

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast First on the list is WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is the most important plugins for every serious WordPress blogger. As a blogger, you ought to have one because it’s absolutely free. It is one of the most popular WP SEO plugin with 5-star rating and tons of reviews.

With a lot of features plus both on and off page optimization. You have a lot to gain using this plugin.

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2. Jetpack plugin

This is one of the underrated plugins in this list. I personally recommend this one. Have you ever imagined your host a negative factor that affect your ranking? Imagine your site being down for just an hour everyday and denying to respond to a certain audience. This generally affects all SEO you’ve made on your site.

The Jetpack plugin doesn’t just check how long your site was down (it primary duty), it also customizes CSS, has the social share buttons at the end of your posts it gives you your blog statistics, outbound clicks on your site and many more. Also, it is absolutely free for webmasters.

3. Broken Link Checker

Although you may not consider them, broken links can cause a huge problem as they provide a negative user experience. The Broken Link Checker plugin will monitor your site automatically, look for broken links and let you know when they are detected.

4. Rankie

This is your personal keyword planner. Just as the name implies, Rankie tracks WordPress site rankings and It also has a research tool that utilizes the Google search metrics to provide a list(s) of related search terms you should use.

5. WP Meta SEO

This plugin is the very best WordPress tools. It save time on SEO and bulk editing tasks. And as you well know, meta tags and descriptions are key players when it comes to search engine visibility and ranking.

The paid version of this tool adds Google integration and several other automated monitoring tools for website errors. This plugin centers on the bulk editing of a website’s metadata and SEO analysis for real-time feedback.

6. Penguin Tool

This is kind of an SEO score checker. The Barracuda Penguin Tool helps you to look at the history of algorithm changes Google made versus your website’s organic traffic flow and how good or poor it performed. This one is sure to save you a lot of money.

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7. SEO Internal Links

Inbound and outbound links are key players in SEO. SEO Internal Links provides automatic SEO benefits by linking both keywords and/or phrases in posts and comments to a corresponding posts, label/tag, pages or categories within your site.

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I believe that these are the best plugins for SEO you’ve heard so far. Just don’t stuff your site with two or more plugins that does a particular task to avoid slowing down your site and ruin all that SEO work. And be careful of black hat/unethical SEO that you may stumble upon other than that, I see you ranking.

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