Best Internet Browsers for Android 2019


We depend on browsers a lot in this digital age. They are very important for almost everything we do on the internet. You’re probably reading this post on your web browser after it was created on a web browser. So you see? Web browsers are essential. A browser is the medium through which we explore the internet world. It is probably the most important application you have on your android phone right now. Although all android phones come with built-in internet browsers, there exists in the android applications market, various third-party browsers that are legal and free to be installed and used on your android phone.

These internet browsers allow unique experience and provide full customization in order to give you a kind of browsing experience that you won’t get on your default android internet browser. Whether what you need is privacy, flexibility, speed, accessibility or data saving ability, these browsers have been designed to give you a fantastic user experience.

That said, let’s quickly take a look at some of the Best Internet Browsers for Android 2019, analyze each one and it’s functionality so you can choose which one is best suitable for you.

Best Internet Browsers for Android 2019

Not in hierarchical order.…..

Opera Mini

This internet browser has been there since all we had was Java. It was there when we had Symbian, and now when we have android, Opera Mini still exists as one of the best browsers for Android out there.

If what you do on the internet is mainly to visit social media platforms, read the news, minor downloads of music and movies, and other light works, then Opera Mini is the browser for you.

This browser allows users to save data conveniently by offering an option for users to select the quality of images to be displayed on the browser. You can choose how you want Opera Mini to make use of your data by selecting the category that suits you under the “Data Savings” option under the settings tab. Although certain websites -especially very high end websites- can prevent Opera Mini from downloading files or streaming online. But nevertheless, this simple browser could be what you need if you’re not a heavy internet user.

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Brave Browser

Being one of the newer browsers to hit the Android apps market as recent as 2016, it is a very modern browser with a variety of modern features. Brave is a highly functional android browser that boasts of speed, optimizations for safety and battery life improvement.

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Kiwi Browser

Kiwi browser is a modern browser with a fantastic user interface. It loads pages pretty well and also provides some important browser features such as history, bookmarks, saved pages and privacy mode.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and most used internet browsers for Android as of today. Frankly speaking most android phones now come with Google Chrome as a default built-in internet browser. This browser boasts of all the features that you need in a browser. It provides a good number of tweaks and control and you can access almost all kinds of websites in the world. On your android phone, you can use Google Chrome for certain high-end jobs that you could have done with a computer’s web browser.

Google Chrome is a highly efficient browser. The sad news here is that it consumes a lot of data and resources.

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DU Browser

Du internet browser for Android is more than a browser in your hand. It is a multipurpose application that offers a fantastic browsing interface accompanied by an inbuilt music and video player. Being a Small File with data saving properties, DU browser consumes low data and storage space. It is suitable for you if you’re not a heavy internet user.

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Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is an OEM browser, but it’s not a surprise that it has made our list of the Best Internet Browsers for Android 2019. This browser features Amazon Shopping, a quick menu, swipe gestures, a material design and a couple of useful plug-ins. It’s a very stable browser that is found on all Samsung Android phones, but non-samsung android phones can also make use of it if downloaded and installed.

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Almost similar to Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox browser for Android is a fast and safe browser that optimizes the webpages while you browser, thereby enhancing your browsing experience. It is feature rich browser that can be used for high-end browsing streaming and downloads of heavy files and media such as torrents, movies, and more.

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CM Browser

CM Browser is an internet browser designed and owned by the Clean Master team. It is a lightweight mobile browser with inbuilt Antivirus scanner that protects you from malicious threats. There’s a dedicated download manager on CM browser to save online videos for you offline. There are ways to enjoy comfortable internet browsing and CM browser is available to provide all the experience.

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Microsoft Edge

Edge is a beautiful and decent browser for Android. It is a lightweight but efficient browser that provides a handful of unique features like a voice search, a QR code scanner, private browsing mode and a Hub feature. It is a great browser, but not everyone may enjoy it because it is best suitable for light internet users.

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UC Browser

UC Browser is another great low weight internet browser that saves your data while you browser. It is great for multitasking and keeping up with as much as 20 open tabs that can be easily managed by a simple tap on the tabs button. There’s a privacy mode feature for keeping your browsing record unnoticed, as well as a bookmarks, saved pages, speed dial and QR code reader feature. UC browser’s UC store also provides you with themes, pictures and other items that you can personalize and customize your android phone with.

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Dolphin Browser

This is a featured tool with tabs for videos, news, popular posts. It claims to be a high-level data protection app with offline browsing, and incognito mode. It is a simple app with a quick loading ability. The App has a dedicated download manager. No history save search tab. It shows related posts based on your browsing history. The browser has real-time protection to keep you safe from dangerous sites.

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Via Browser

For its small size, Via is a beast of a browser, and just like Google Chrome browser, it handles desktop mode appropriately. This clean small-sized browser come with amazing features such as customisable downloads feature, night mode, privacy mode, find in page, and many other useful tools.

If you’re looking for a lightweight browser that not only saves your data while you browse, but also enables you to enjoy a smooth and clean browsing, then you should consider getting via browser.

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Puffin Web Browser

The claim by Puffin to be a “ Wicked Fast ” browser could be legitimate. Puffin web browser has a means of switching the heavy page load on resource-restricted devices to the cloud servers, thus making the URL page load very fast. This load shifting is done by means of an inbuilt Adobe-Flash-Over-Cloud. The App is highly encrypted and the Puffin servers can even protect the data in an open Wi-Fi network. Puffin uses a sole algorithm and transmits web data with 90% bandwidth compression as compared to regular web browsing. The App has a fast JavaScript Engine to render the pages very fast. You also have the option of changing the colour theme of your browser to whatever suits you better.

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